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"Leonora, Fiona Jopson gives an assured and expressive performance. The 2015 Sun Aria winner shows that her range and precision are equal to the task of this demanding role. Her voice is thrilling in true bel canto style in “D’amor sull’ali rosee” (On the rosy wings of love)."

— Jon Jackson | Classic Melbourne | Mar 1, 2017

"In a startling performance that signals a solid career ahead, 2015 Herald Sun Aria winner Fiona Jopson enchanted as the appropriately noble Leonora, holding the stage alone in a performance highlight in Act 4’s D’amor sull’ali rosee / “On the rosy wings of love”. Jopson inhabited her role with poise and ease, portraying her character’s complexities from little joys to anguish with a gleaming soprano ripe with elegance, dynamism and flexibility.

She gives her heart convincingly to titular troubadour Manrico"

— Paul Selar | Herald Sun | Feb 27, 2017

"As tragic heroine Leonora, Fiona Jopson is a standout amongst the lead cast. Delivering lovely high notes and committing herself to a focused portrayal of the character, Jopson wins the audience’s affection. Leonora’s big scene in the final act begins with the tender aria “D’amor sull’ali rosee.” Following a gorgeous introduction from the woodwind, Jopson sings this sequence beautifully."

— Simon Parris | Man In The Chair | Feb 22, 2017

"The music that opens the second Act is sublime. Fiona Jopson (Ariadne) has a beautiful soprano voice which made me want her to never stop singing; she was the major highlight of the show."

— Susie Conte | Perth Arts Live | Sept 9, 2016

"Fiona Jopson's lyrico-spinto voice has the emotional richness and power for Strauss' music."

— Rosalind Appleby | Noted | Sept 10, 2016

"She impressed the large audience of Hamer Hall with her confident, expressive performance and technical skill. The carefully shaped beginning of the Verdi aria and the glorious full richness of her secure top notes were among the most thrilling moments of the evening.”    

   — Heather Leviston | Classic Melbourne | Oct 22, 2015

"The big aria competitions demand nerves of steel; if you can give of your best on these occasions then you mark yourself as a young singer who can deal with pressure – an essential attribute for an operatic career. Her third prize in the 2012 Herald Sun Aria, study in Italy last year, intensive coaching and her powerful performance this year showed that she is willing to put in the hard yards and ready to take the next step."  

   — Heather Leviston | Classic Melbourne | Oct 22, 2015

"Delivering a powerhouse performance, Fiona Jopson swept all before her at last night’s 2015 Herald Sun Aria final."

 — Simon Plant | Herald Sun | Oct 20, 2015

"Fiona Jopson soared through her opening and powered to the end of Verdi's Pace, pace mio Dio! with her widely expressive soprano impressing from the steaming lower range through to her evenly controlled top notes"

— Paul Selar | Herald Sun | Aug 25, 2015

"Fiona Jopson and Brenton Spiteri were excellent as the young couple."

— Graham Ford | Stage Whispers | Feb 2, 2013

"The opening act set in the contemporary open office environment of the prison finds Marzelline (sung beautifully by soprano Fiona Jopson)."

—  Crikey | Feb 5, 2013
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